Apply for Heart Hero Scholarship

Jacob’s Memorial Heart Fund was created in partnership with Jamie’s Heart Foundation to provide financial assistance to local, college-aged Congenital Heart Defect students and/or siblings who demonstrate an exceptional academic performance.


Current Scholarship Application Deadline: March 31, 2018

Submit application below and include an original essay.
Essay should be approx. 2 pages long; either paste into form below or email. The purpose of which is to provide information about the applicant’s background and how they have been affected by CHD. It should also include their accomplishments, personal and career goals, involvement in the community (especially noting any pertaining to CHD Awareness Education and/or support), and other relevant information. Applicants should consider this essay as the equivalent to a personal interview.


> Click here for downloadable/printable copy of the application.


Scholarship Application Form
(Name, State)
(Or anticipated college start date)
(If opting to email essay, please send the same day as submitting this application)

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